Solidarity for MMIWg2S in the Twin Port. Written By: Chantelle Taylor

Solidarity for MMIWg2S in the Twin Ports 

Solidarity for MMIWg2S in the Twin Ports. Written By: Chantelle Taylor. 

Ancient Civilizations revered woman and her ability to bring forth life. She is the core of the community and home. Women's councils largely dictated life and lineage was tracked often through mothers. European influence changed much of that for most of the world, especially here in America. Woman is no longer revered as she should be. She is abused and destroyed in an attempt to control or destroy the people that would come from her. 

Some people cannot understand something they refuse to see, no matter how much history has proven and modern society lives it out under their noses... So much devastation to the bringers of life has been “brushed under the rug”, but we the people will not allow the cries to be silenced. 

If you live in America, then you live in Indian Country because this entire nation was home to billions of indigenous people before European arrival and takeover. One nation in particular had a great migration from the East coast right here to the heart of the Nation, our very own Lake Superior and Great Lakes region. This Nation had many sacred stops along their journey, Spirit Island near Duluth MN was number six and their people occupied the entire region. These sacred hills and islands are home to Indigenous people, who have fought bravely throughout history to preserve themselves, their culture and their home. 

Today, here in our home the Twin Ports, we come together to stand for woman because the truth about indigenous women’s safety is more than alarming, it really hits home. A joint proclamation has been made by Duluth MN Mayor Emily Larson and Superior WI Mayor Jim Paine declaring May 5, 2021 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2Spirit Awareness Day. The day was filled with support for the lost and the loved ones left behind to mourn them. A joint proclamation by both cities' mayors, a solidarity march, honor songs and round dance- a symbol of the circle of life, as well as community speeches, prayers and sacred fires and candle light vigils in the evening- all broadcast live for social distancing and there is no mistaking the blood red hands on the faces of supporters. 

The numbers addressed in the proclamation and speeches are horrific regarding the violence and death Indigenous women, girls and 2Spirits face, with some regions having 10 times the average rate of rape and murder perpetrated upon them and though such a small minority group, they are 2 times more likely to experience rape/sexual assault and 2.5 times more likely to experience violent crimes. That’s more than 1 out of 2 individuals... 

As a born Duluthian who has always been part of the Native Community as a neighbor, an ally, as an Alumni at LCO Ojibwa Community College and most importantly as a sister, aunt and mother, the numbers do more than appall me. They make me want to wrap up every precious little native beauty I know and love into a sacred Safety zone where my nieces, sisters and friends will be safe. If only... but there is no safety bubble to rely on. I must join my community as the ancients did to fight for the dead and the missing, I must help stop the violence and desecration of the sacredness that is woman, making sure the world knows about it and stands beside us because that violent ugliness needs to be wiped out of society. There should be no place or way for a perpetrator to hide or commit such crimes again. It’s up to society to reset the standard and take out the trash. We have the violence and hatred in society that we allow and it’s time to stop. It’s time to stand and protect the sacred and yes, every woman is sacred. 

Pinnacle Premier would like to thank the many organizers, participants and supporters for our Twin Ports MMIWg2s Awareness Day. This is only the beginning for us joining this fight for the sacred. Premier is here to be a voice for the community to itself and the world. Our purpose is to elevate and celebrate, that includes epic community events that make waves for change and prosperity. Fight for what’s right so peace can abound. Premier is here to help along the way with our fists held high and our hearts held open. 

Special thanks to Mayors Larson and Paine, Native Lives Matter Coalition, Red Shawl Society, Native News Online, Red for MMIW, Women Against Military Madness- WAMI, Progress North, Women’s March Minnesota, Sing Our Rivers Red, Singers, Dancers, Speakers, Healers, Community Leaders, Survivors, and Supporters. Your community appreciates you.

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